Thursday, January 10, 2013

Taipei November 2012 Part 2

Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall is one of the must visit places in Taipei. Chiang Kai-shek was one of the most well known political figures and military leaders in Chinese history.  He became the leader of National Party after his predecessor Sun Yat-sen passed away in 1925. After the Nationalists beings defeated by the Communist Party of China in 1949, Chiang's governement retreated to Taiwan.

The main entrance of the memorial from far way

The gate at the main entrance with Chinese writing (meaning freedom plaza) on top 

Too bad, the main hall was under construction. I could only get a photo from outside

At the Memorial Hall Square, there are the National Concert Hall

and the National Theater.  The two look the same to me

The shape of the sides look pretty cool

Braised pork rice is one of the most popular small eats in Taiwan. Basically it's finely chopped pork belly slowly cooked in special sauce and then mixed with rice. It has a mixed flavour of sweetness and saltiness. Jin Feng Lu Rou Fan is a restaurant that supposedly offers the best braised pork rice. This restaurant is less than 10 mins away from Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall. Of course I paid a visit here. Everything on the menu is cheap, nothing costs more than $5CAD. The portion is small though. But you get to try different dishes without filling yourself up.

The braised pork rice sure tasted really good, although it's not some meat dish I would be craving for. I had better meat before.

I also tried ding bian cuo, a bowl of rice flour pasta. It was too bland for me.

And pork ribs soup. This one was really good. My photo is a bit blurry

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